Sunday, September 14, 2008

PRECEDENT: A box for 12 twigs

This metal cube structure could be a depiction of my box for twelve twigs.  I created a cube with each wall as a cut-out branch pattern.  Each branch-like fork of all six sides of the cube create a place for each of the twelve twigs as they pierce through the paper cube.  I'm not sure where this red cube is located, but it has hollow, cut-out areas in each wall like my cube.  At first I had my twelve twigs randomly places through the cube but after seeing the orderliness of this precedent's middle, I decided that my twigs should have some order in the way they intertwine with each other as well.  Also the negative space in this cube's walls looks larger than the actual mass of the metal beams; the same with my cube's delicate branch-patterned walls.  Also, the middle beams are playing a role in supporting the entire structure.  Finding this precedent helped me decide to create specific spots for each twig so that they not only rest hut help support the paper walls around them.  My box for twelve twigs will become a system where the inside and outside help work together.

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