Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This week's studio theory hour hosted architect John Lynn who's goal was to inform us of how important sustainability really is and ways that design groups have, and we, as students and future designers can help protect our environment.  Like last week's guest, Lynn was very passionate as he talked about how everything is part of the universe and it works to function as a whole.  Comparing humans to a storm, he discussed all the good and bad impacts we have on our environment.  Like a storm, humans can destroy a place, but at the same time, they can also create.  In order to preserve our environment, we must "know the storm, find beauty, trust beauty, and live beauty".
Lynn also told us about the 2030 Challenge adopted by AIA to find alternate energy sources to replace carbon and reduce other products as well.  This approach measures the carbon of resources used in architecture and states a goal of reducing that amount by fifty percent, and then and additional ten percent each year to come.  Other design groups like LEED, Leadership Environmental Energy Design, are also helping to complete this Mission: Accelerating sustainability success before economic trends foreclose the opportunity.  (
Lynn spoke about about reusing existing buildings rather than building new and how "a building should live a long time, but be able to change with society", just like the human race.  A building shouldn't be destroyed or become vacant just because it's energy source or purpose changes.  I've always been green-savvy, but John Lynn's compassion for our environment and attaining sustainability made me realize that improving the world around us is even more important than I thought and how designers need to think green, hopefully influencing the rest of society to keep our environment in mind as well.

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