Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Box for Twelve Twigs: FINAL

For my final piece, I used my new joint method - cutting away one layer of paper and the foam, leaving a bit of the other layer of paper extending with the width of the foam board to create clean edges around the cube. Instead of cutting the entire pattern out of foam core for all six walls, I made six foam frames to support the six patterned paper squares into a cube.  My original plan was to use brass straight pins along the edges to hold the foam frames together, but before I could get them through the first layer of poster board, they bent. I had to replace the pins with the pale yellow paint I used to contrast with the purple hue of the twigs  Also, I decided to make the top and base of the cube solid because it would minimize the number of empty spots among the branched walls for the twigs to go. In an orderly fashion, yet at the same time creating chaos in the center, the sticks find their niche as they pierced through the cube.

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