Monday, October 6, 2008


My final Unity piece went back to my first iteration.  However, instead of using the same angled X's at the center of the structure, I kept the two X's that connect to the top and bottom planes of either stack, and I used the remaining eight skewers, originally stacked into four more X's, to create a very obtuse X when viewed from the side as four skewers pierce through each stack of planes.  The distance between the vertex of the two vertical X's and the inside edge of the stack of planes is 3/4", equal to space between that inside edge and the column of the four rods, also spaced at 3/4", that pierce through the planes.  This evolution from my initial iteration gives this final piece a little more  physical and visual balance.  This model combines vertical, diagonal, AND horizonals, it forces acute and obtuse triangles of negative space to work together with both solid and negative rectangles.  From any way you view this piece, an X is visible rather you're looking at the vertical front and back X's or the two horizontal X's on either side as the slant's of the four piercing rods alternate. Considering proximity, I still kept the planes spaced out at 1/8" to relate to the diameters of the skewers.  There is also an element of continuation or closure as your eye is lead across the top and along the bottom of the stacks of planes.  Similar to my box for 12 twigs, the different diagonals of the rods and the support they give at the front and back and as they pierce through, as well as the purpose of the planes holding the two front and back X's in place and in line, everything works together to create a whole in my Unity project.

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